Cure your system through the quirkiest and oddest diseases in My Hospital – the ultimate simulation game where you plan, control and manage your very own medical center!

Produce elixirs, farm and collect your own medical flowers and provide cures for hundreds of cases that need your help. It’s a world where Panacea laws and every procedure is available at your fingertips! Create and run your own hospital.

Make doctor’s offices, the treatment center, diagnostic rooms, and laboratories. Expand and upgrade your hospital and share it with friends! Farm and harvest plants with healing properties, produce dozens of elixirs and blend syrups to treat more than 80 funny diseases.

Whether it’s a chili throat condition, frozen hands or slimy lungs, you’ll be sure to find the cure! Unlock new remedies, treatment rooms and new conditions with every level and complete fun challenges!

Customize each area of your health center to make your cases feel at home. You have tons of designs to pick from and when you ultimately control to make it look as pretty as a picture, show it off in front of your friends!

Download My Hospital for Mac from Softwsp!

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OS X 10.6.6 and up
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