Backup Tools

Backup Tools

Droplr is a service for uploading, hosting, and sharing stuff. What stuff? Any stuff. You can share images, notes, links and just about any type of file you’d use on your computer. Droplr consists of a desktop application for OS X, an iPhone app, and the Web application for managing your stuff. Droplr is designed


Copy lets you sync, protect, and share. Everywhere. Copy is a small Mac app that can help you upload files to Barracuda Networks servers for backup, and choose to share them publicly or privately. There are no file size limits with Copy, and with Copy’s “Fair Storage,” the size of a shared folder is split

Unclouder is an excellent tool that allows you to back up your iCloud Drive locally. To start using the Unclouder app, you must start by activating the iCloud Drive service: open the System Preferences window, navigate to the iCloud panel, connect to your Apple account, and check the box assigned to the iCloud Drive feature.


Found provides a lightning-fast, intuitive search experience that finds files across your Mac and personal cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, SkyDrive, Google Drive/Docs, and Gmail (attachments). By using Found you can effortlessly search for files through your Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive folders. What is more, Found is capable to search for files in your