Creating Music

Creating Music

Myriad is, simply put, one of the best audio batch processors. Totally redesigned, it looks beautiful and delivers incredible performance. Let Myriad do the heavy lifting while you get back to doing what you do best: creating great sounds and music. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Myriad proudly takes advantage of CoreGraphics, CoreAudio,

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Version 4.0.4

Deckadance is a very good application to mix music as a professional DJ that can run as standalone or as VSTi plugin. Deckadance itself can also host any VST compliant softsynth or effect. You can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems. The number of effects

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Version 2.43

MuseScore is a tool for musicians and commpositors who want to get started in the world of composing music with the computer. Also, MuseScore comes as a free alternative to commercial programs such as Sibelius, Finale and Capella. Furthemore, MuseScore’s built-in tools helps you print various engraved sheet music or export them as PDF or

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Version 2.0.3
Serato DJ

Serato DJ is a professional-grade DJ software suite for the future, with a comprehensive set of features aimed at professional DJs. Also, the Serato DJ app comes with wide array of features and accessibility that deliver the performance which sets a new standard for controller DJs. The tool includes four turntables for mixing, 8 cue

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Reason provides you with the digital instruments required to create dance, electronic, and hip-hop beats. It is also a handy tool for professional composers and songwriters in the film, television, or commercial industries. Easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be, Reason is the software that keeps you focused

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Version 8.3.2

Ocenaudio is a free and easy-to-use audio editor to replace all those other sound programs that don’t let you do everything you need to. Ocenaudio also has powerful features that will please more advanced users. This software is based on Ocen Framework, a powerful library developed to simplify and standardize the development of audio manipulation

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Version 3
Adobe Audition CC 2015

Professional post-production audio editor

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Version 13.0.9

Send audio from any app to AirPort Express/Apple TV and more

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Version 5.9.1
MP3 Trimmer for Mac

Cut and join portions of MP3 songs

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Version 3.3
Traktor Pro for Mac

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Version 1.2.6
Apple GarageBand for Mac

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Version 10.0.3
VirtualDJ for Mac

DJ application preferred by DJ names such as Denon, Numark, and Hercules

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Version 9.0.5929