Adium is a quick and free instant messaging client that has support for AIM, Jabber, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Japan, Bonjour, Novell Groupwise, Gadu-Gadu, SIP/SIMPLE (Text), and Lotus Sametime.

Adium supports attractive WebKit message layout, file transfer, tabbed messaging, encrypted chat, and more. Give it a chance; you won’t look back.

Furthermore, Adium is an open-source Cocoa-based instant messaging solution that has been developed as a graphical interface for the libpurple protocol library. If you begin to calculate the pluses and deduct the drawbacks, you can have a notable good IM client for Mac OS X.

If you aren’t interested in the characteristics it lacks, then you can recognize this client as one of the most useful and use it as your default application for this goal.

Adium aims not only to consolidate all your chat accounts into one efficiently easy interface but also to give you services that can be used over all those accounts. Things like mixture into Mac Address Book, integrated file transfer, themes for your chat windows, OTR encryption, tabbed chat windows, and much more.

The interface is ingenious yet attractive, and various chats can be tabbed all into one window. If you want to join in a private conversation with another user, Adium support Off The Record (OTR) encrypted messaging.

Download Adium from Softwsp today!

NOTE: Since version 0.88, the tool is a universal application that works natively both on PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers.

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OS X 10.7.0 and up
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