Algodoo for Mac Publisher’s Description

Algodoo is an fun, powerful and educational application that manages to create a synergy between science and art.

The application is carefully designed with an attention to detail that is evident from the very beginning starting with its interface.

It is simple, neat, clean, and is perfectly adapted to the needs of younger kids.

This does not, however, mean that it hides or omits any information, as any adult user will discover that there tons of possibilities at hand.

This fully interactive software allows children and students to benefit from the most effective method of learning – that of “learning by doing”.

Algodoo is therefore perfectly designed for science classes or exploring physics at home with quick and easy experimentation.

Algodoo is a very complete programming, gaming, and educational tool that will let you spend your spare time creating, inventing, discovering, learning, playing…

In short, it is a teacher, a work tool and a play partner. All in one.














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